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Muscles go through a variety of wear and tear as a result of activity or aging and for some individuals the lower layers of the muscles can become the cause of discomfort, hyper contraction, and inflammation. At Something Therapeutic Massage Therapy we focus on preventive, restorative, and relaxing modalities. Our Therapeutic Massage can help toconsists of different massage modalities and tools that help the body to relax. Consult with your physician or chiropractor to see if Massage Therapy could help you. Our Therapeutic Massage can help to  include one, or a combination of the following modalities: 



Neuromuscular therapy is manipulation of the lower layers of the muscles. To do this different stretches, pressure and kneading techniques are used to find the muscle and to help relax it. This massage can help to alleviate chronic pain, injury, stiffness, joint problems, fatigue, and even limited range of motion. 




Therapeutic Massage